Rentshield Migration FAQs for Letting Agents

We have provided the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding our move from Devon to Lincoln to help assist with any queries you may have.

Why is Rentshield moving to Lincoln?

We have the ability to service the Rentshield brand effectively and to the level, you have come to expect from a central location. This will not affect you guys or the great service you receive, and referencing will be processed in exactly the same way.


Has Rentshield closed?

Not at all, Rentshield will still be trading as normal. As you know, we haven’t been in the Teignmouth office since March, and based on the current pandemic we don’t know when it would be operational again, it just makes more sense to utilise the space we already have in Lincoln and move the site there permanently.


Where are the usual staff I speak to?

Some of the staff have chosen to stay on, most have decided they want to remain within the local area or prefer to work in an office environment, rather than on a remote basis.


Do I need to look for a new referencing provider?

The service you are used to isn’t going anywhere! In the 15 years Rentshield has been servicing its customers, it has gone from strength to strength, and this is no different today! Rentshield will be trading in entirely the same way, just from a different location.


Will I have a new account manager?

Lucy Mitchell, who has run the account management team for the last 3 years, will still be watching over your accounts. She will also be joined by Scott Tysoe, who has worked for the wider company for over 6 years.


Will my products or referencing criteria change?

Rentshield will be trading in the same way it always has, just from a different location.


How do I contact you for support?

You can contact us on all the same numbers you are used to using.

Rentshield Migration FAQs