Landlord Building & Contents Insurance – Keeping Your Investment Safe

Your property is your investment and whether it’s a one bedroom flat or a portfolio of properties, the right insurance is critical for your peace of mind and protection.

To help ensure you are fully protected as a Landlord, it is recommended that you purchase Landlord insurance, as normal home insurance isn’t designed for rental properties.

Rentshield Direct have been serving this very specific market since 2008. Our providers know the risks you face and have products designed specifically for Landlords, Buy-to-Let owners and owners of larger property portfolios.

We can provide access to Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance, all specifically tailored for the rental market. We can also provide cover for the rent itself with our very own Rent Guarantee Insurance.

Landlords Rent Protection Insurance – Protect Your Income

Could you afford to go without rental income for one month, let alone six?

You may reference your tenants and have guarantors in place to safeguard yourself against missed rent payments, but there is always the risk of tenants being unable to pay their rent for unforeseen reasons. Loss of job, a change in personal circumstances and the pressure of rising costs could all cause the tenant to unexpectedly fail to pay their rent.

Our Rent Guarantee Insurance is designed to pay you when your tenants don’t, it will help ensure your income stream is not affected when things go wrong, and we’ll even cover your legal expenses right up to the eviction of your tenant. If you’re interested in the service, please speak to your managing agent.

Landlord Insurance