Our Deposit Free Tenancy Solution

Our nil deposit scheme is a simple safe and affordable alternative to tenancy deposits, brought to you in partnership with flatfair. Instead of a hefty deposit, tenants pay a small membership charge and cover the cost of any damages and/or rent arrears at the end of the tenancy.

The Nil Deposit Solution…

No hefty upfront deposit tenants pay flatfair a one-off membership fee

Tenants then pay for any unlawful claims once their tenancy comes to an end with the same rights as with a cash deposit

Landlords benefit from up to 12 weeks rent protection and free recovery for any additional claims

You can attract more tenants, offer landlords greater security for their investments and reduce void periods

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Benefits for Agents

Faster lettings by increasing demand through lower upfront costs

Reduce admin time and cost from deposit registration and deregistration

Earn a revenue share of one weeks’ rent

Benefits for Landlords

12 weeks rent protection, plus free recovery for any additional claims

Free debt recovery for claims beyond 12 weeks’ rent

Properties let faster by reducing the upfront cost to tenants making properties more accessible to prospective tenants


Benefits for Tenants

No lump sum deposit. Tenants pay a one-off membership fee of one week’s rent (+VAT) instead of 5 weeks

Tenants pay for lawful claims after the end of their tenancy

Tenants stay protected from bogus claims


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Nil Deposit Scheme