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We understand that as a letting agent you’re spinning a lot of plates. Keeping up with all the legislation and making sure you’re compliant can be a lot to manage, so Rentshield are here to help.

On 1st February 2016 right-to-rent legislation came into effect in England, meaning that all landlords or their appointed letting agent have the legal responsibility to check that their tenants have the right to reside in the UK. This legislation falls under the Immigration Act 2016 and under the Act, it’s now a criminal offence to neglect these responsibilities. And don’t forget, you need to be able to evidence that you carry out these checks for ALL tenancies.

It may sound stressful, but our tool, Rentshield Verify, is designed to help you carry out your checks with the assurance that you’re looking at the right documents, storing them in a GDPR compliant manner and carrying out any follow up checks or renewals on time.

A free and comprehensive training pack to help get you started

- meaning you can process a Right to Rent check within minutes of registering to use the system

All of your Right to Rent documents stored in one secure place

– saving you time and keeping your documentation all together for easy retrieval

Easy to complete online applications with clear instructions

– so you shouldn’t upload the wrong forms or miss important documents

Final reports informing you if the client has the Right to Rent

– meaning you can be sure that you are adhering to the requirements of the Right to Rent legislation

All documents stored securely online

– saving you money and space from costly filing systems within your office and helping you adhere to GDPR requirements

Early warning system that reminds you two months before Visas are due to end for cases where the tenant has a time limited Right to Rent

– so you’ll have plenty of time to act to ensure your tenants still have the Right to Rent

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) used to read your documents and auto populate fields in the database

- reducing the likelihood of human error when entering details and reducing risk to your business by ensuring documents are saved without errors

Verify format of MRZ codes and produce a report that establishes the tenant’s eligibility to reside in the UK

- reducing the risk of being caught out by expired documents

Alerts displayed on your dashboard 28 days before a tenancy is due to expire

– so you know which applications need renewing

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